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This is where I occasionally write about stuff. I'm also on Twitter.

08/05/2017 01:29:PM

It's been a minute.

I finished Kamen Rider Wizard, except for his solo movie. I then decided to skip over the next two seasons that I have (Gaim and Drive, I'm skipping Ghost because I hear it's awful) and have been watching the current season: Ex-Aid. I've got around three episodes left on that before I catch up to the show as it's airing. I plan on watching that until it ends this month, then I'll watch Build from week to week while binging the two seasons I skipped. Those combined with Ultraman Geed should fulfill my Japanese super hero urges for a bit.

Kamen Rider Wizard

The worst thing about watching tokusatsu shows is it makes me want to buy merchandise. I want to get a bunch of the Kamen Rider figures. Another collectors rabbit hole I'm about to fall down is third-party Transformers.

I haven't really been doing any gaming. Every so often I hover my finger over the button I have programmed on my remote to open Steam, but I can't think of anything in my library that I really feel like playing. I also never got around to buying that Playstation 4 I wanted to buy this summer.

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