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The Best And Worst Of 2015

December 30, 2015

Game Of The Year

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (PC)

I happily sunk 136 hours of my life into playing this game. I didn't even hit 100% on it, but I did complete the story. It has some weaknesses, but overall this game was well worth the full $60 I paid for it on Steam. Knocking out guards and animals and then abducting them with a parachute never got old to me. I'd probably still be playing it right now if HumbleBundle hadn't had a Capcom sale and I wound up playing Resident Evil Revelations 2.

Movie Of The Year

Tie: Kingsman or Ant-Man

To be blunt, 2015 was a really weak year for movies. I just went through a list of movies that I watched this year that came out in 2015 and these were the only two movies I thought were pretty good. Avengers: Age Of Ultron wasn't awful, but it just wasnt' anything all that great either. As I write this, I still haven't seen Spectre or Star Wars Episode VII, so I don't know if either of those were any good or not.

TV Show Of The Year

The Flash

There are a lot of shows I enjoy, but I have to give the crown to the Flash for the second half of season one. I enjoy the hell out of the show and it managed to do something that DC Comics had been unable to do since the 1950s, make Barry Allen interesting. Prior to the show, the most interesting thing Barry had ever done was die in Crisis On Infinite Earths in 1985. I was always a Wally West Flash fan. The show gave Barry interesting supporting characters, and the tone of the show just works for me. A lot of people jumped on the Daredevil hype train in 2015, and even that show was pretty okay, The Flash, by far, was the best super hero show and my favorite all around show of 2015.

Album Of The Year


Modern music is all shit. The closest thing I had to an album of the year was the ripped from the game verison of the Metal Gear Solid V soundtrack and all of the songs on there were from the 80s.

Worst Game Of The Year

Batman Arkham Knight (PC)

This game had to be the biggest disaster in AAA gaming in 2015. Broken at launch on the PC, and still broken according to a lot of people. Now, the wait alone wasn't enough to torpedo the game. I managed to play it and beat it on PC. I like the game for what it does well, but between the problems getting it to work on PC and the forced over-use of the awful Batmobile, this game was probably the worst game I played in 2015. If I could go back in time fine everyone who said, "I wish you could drive the Batmobile in an Arkham game," and punch them in the throat, I'd do it. (And that includes myself.)

Worst Movie Of The Year

Fantastic Four

In a weak year for movies, this one was a steaming turd of epic proportions. It was terminally boring. The characters didn't resemble the comics in the slightest. I'm tempted to write a review of this movie, but I already wasted roughly two hours of my life watching it and I don't deserve to be punished anymore.

DIshonorable mention or runner up: The Green Inferno. I feel like the only reason a lot of people watched this was because Eli Roth said it would have cannibals eating a bunch of Social Justice Warriors. Instead it was just a weak and boring movie.

Worst New Show Of The Year


This has an article all to itself.

Worst Album Of The Year

Van Halen: Toyko Dome Live In Concert

I love Van Halen. Specifically, the era where David Lee Roth was the singer up until he left the band in 1985. However, old Dave, who was never the strongest of singers, has not aged well. Putting out a live album where the man sounds like somebody has superkicked him in the throat isn't doing him or the listeners any favors.