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The Mikecave

Sporadic updates about the life of a NEET.

The Return

I completely ignored and neglected this site thoughout the entirety of 2016. Now I'm back.

February 2, 2017

The Best And Worst Of 2015

I take a look at what I thought was the best and worst of 2015.

December 30, 2015

Supergirl Is Bad TV

I wanted to like Supergirl. Really.

December 13, 2015 | UPDATED January 26, 2017

A Dumb Blog Post For December 2015

Before blogging was even a term, I was running personal websites for years that pretty much were blogs. I coded everything by hand (like I do with this site), but then I started using a Wordpress installation on a paid server with a domain name. Then, as my...

December 7, 2015