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About Me

I'm lazy.



In November of this year, the world is given the greatest gift of all time: I'm born.


Star Wars comes out. I see it at a drive-in theater and the story is that I don't blink for the entire two hours. I don't remember this, but it's what my parents say happened.

My younger brother is born.

The first Van Halen album comes out. Not really important to 2-year old me, but it becomes super important to me in 1987 and onward.


I discover Battle Of The Planets and a lifelong love of anime is born.

Disney's The Black Hole comes out in theaters. It's the first movie I ever remember seeing.

I get my first comic book.

Clearly at this point my parents figured out the formula of outer space, robots, and super heroes shut this kid up for a bit so we can get some peace and quiet.


The Empire Strikes Back comes out. I lose my mind at the idea of there being more Star Wars


GI Joe



Van Halen release 1984. I don't discover it until 1987.


I get my first X-Men comic, Uncanny X-Men #195.


Get first guitar


Start high school.



First band


Graduate high school


I get my first job. Overnight cleaning crew at the supermarket near my house. I hate it. I get fired so that somebody's brother can have a job.

I get another job in the local mall near my house. It's at one of those kiosks or carts. Selling comic books! I get to spend all day sitting around the mall reading comics. This lasts a few weeks until I go in one day and my workplace has vanished. The scumbag I worked for didn't pay the mall, and didn't pay me.

Hearing my sob story, the actual legit local comic shop a few miles from my house hires me.


First PC. It comes with AOL. At this time AOL charges BY THE MINUTE. I immediately get addicted to the fledgling internet and rack up a ton of credit card debt.


The comics industry is on life support and I get let go from the comics store.

The special editions of the Star Wars trilogy come out. I see each one several times in theaters despite having them on VHS and laserdisc and having watched them hundreds, maybe even thousands of times.


I get a job for a local ISP who recently were bought by a bigger company. At first the job is awesome and I make some cool new friends.

Thanksgiving: My entire crew worked thanksgiving, even though I think we had the option to take it off. Virtually zero calls, so we got to hang out and do nothing all day. We all gathered around the only workstation in the building to watch the Star Wars: Episode I trailer that came out that day. Who knew the movie would turn out to be a total shit bomb? Nobody thought to bring food, the vending machines are pretty much empty, and it's a holiday so everything is closed. We hit the convenience store in the ghetto to try and score some lunch. I think I wound up with a candy bar to eat and bought an X-Men comic. For some reason, this day is one of my fondest memories of working for that company.